Hi my name is John Maxwell. I love outdoor activities like Hunting, Fishing and Camping. In this blog i will be giving you tips and tricks for these outdoor activities.

This website is dedicated to the Great American West and the great men and woman who perservered, were willing to brave the hardships and lay the foundation on which our country was founded. Even though not perfect, many of the folks possessed such traits as character, morals and values, a willingness to fight for what they believed and the determination to see it through.

Twenty seven years of experience in sporting goods and the outdoors from Texas to Canada has taught me to always, and I mean always, have good gear! Gear you can depend on to do whatever the job, year after year, and in many cases passed down to future generations. Often times the most expensive product will prove in the long run to be the least expensive. Our motto most generally is, if we haven’t used it, we won’t sell it. The moral of this story is to buy good name brands and quality and as a result you will insure yourself a quality experience.

Thank goodness we still have millions of acres of public lands where quality time can be spent alone. This allows our hearts, minds, and spirits to wonder back to yester years when the west was wild and free. We must even be mindful that God has given us moral obligations to watch over and care for them wisely.

Take care